2017 Presentations

ProductCamp Ottawa 2017 is now completed.  It took place on November 18th 2017 at Ribbon Communications (formally GENBAND)

Below you will find presntation copies of the keynotes and sessions.  Be sure to Check back for details of ProductCamp 2018.

Register now, and keep an eye open for further announcements.

Keynote Speakers

Huge thanks to our keynote speakers who kicked off the morning and afternoon sessions for ProductCamp Ottawa 2017:

Grant Courville, Senior Director, Product Management, BlackBerry QNX

As head of Product Management at BlackBerry’s QNX Software Systems, Grant is responsible for managing the company’s global product portfolio and strategy for the automotive and general embedded markets. Grant has over 25 years of experience in the embedded industry and is a recognized leader and spokesperson for connected and autonomous car technology and trends. In his 20+ years with QNX, he has held a variety of leadership roles in engineering, marketing and strategy.

Scott Lawrence, Senior Director, Product Management & Alliances, Klipfolio

With over 20 years of product experience in the Business Analytics market, Scott is the Senior Director of Product Management & Alliances at Klipfolio, a SaaS business dashboard company. He introduced Product Management to Klipfolio and, to better align customer and market requirements with development realities, built a team focused on maintaining organizational alignment around productivity and prioritization of investments. Since his joining, Klipfolio has moved from waterfall to agile with almost daily releases.

Blair Patacairk, Managing Director of Investment and Trade at Invest Ottawa

Blair Patacairk moved into the position of Managing Director of Investment and Trade in November of 2014. Prior to taking on this role, Blair was the President and CEO of Telecom Gateway Services Inc., a full-service international business development consulting firm and government specialist. He was engaged as a special advisor to Invest Ottawa in the areas of foreign direct investment, trade, and government relations. As such Blair was responsible for the attraction of investment, companies, and people to the Ottawa region, the management of Ottawa’s local and global partnerships and the international spokesperson on marketing Ottawa to the world.
Blair has over twenty years of experience in the public and private sectors, including working directly with the former Mayor of the City of Ottawa, Bob Chiarelli. He brings a wealth of knowledge on strategic partnerships and growing both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies.

Session Leader

Title and Link to File (if available)

Andrew Faulkner OPMA Welcome
Grant Courville Self-Driving Cars:The Road Ahead
Scott Lawrence Thriving in a Twister
Blair Patacairk Driving Ecosystem Collaboration, Innovation and Transformation
James Mihaychuk Trello meets the Pragmatic Marketing Framework
Luc St-Laurent Weekend Escape – An Agile Backlog Management Game
Jeevithan Muttu Data Driven Development & DevOps
Ali-id  Bouh Ali KABO : Pocket Size Artificial Intelligence
Colin Moden I’ve got friends in low places
Sean Conrad Turn Off the Feature Firehose: Helping Sales Sell With Stories
Shane Johns So you need to build some custom software?  The software dev process for product managers and marketers
Devashish Paul Transforming the Smart Grid with Artificial Intelligence by enhancing usage of clean energy sources dynamically
Andrew Faulkner Disruptive Technology – Opportunity or Threat? technophile or luddite?
Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo Leadership: Your Journey From Product Manager to Company CEO!
Norman Bowley Change: Turning Threat into Opportunity
Dan Cornilescu Continuous Integration in Large Scale Software Development Projects
Pascal Laliberté Create a Striking Product using Jobs To Be Done
Mark Lindsay Are you a COMPLETE Product Manager?
 Nikta Kanuka Forget meetings, let’s have workshops
 Jana Sedivy Making happy customers by bringing them to tears

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