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andrewOPMA would not exist if it was not for its active volunteers. OPMA volunteers are energetic, dynamic and get things done. OPMA volunteers aren’t expected to make a life-long commitment -we know they have busy lives (it comes with the territory). Nor do you have to be a practicing Product Manager, just someone who is passionate and in some way involved in the management of Products and or Services.

Our volunteers have many reasons for joining, the most common ones include wanting to improve their network, looking for a new position or wanting to play a more active role in the community. Once they have joined, they often find additional benefits that were not always anticipated; an opportunity to rub shoulders with the business and thought leaders of Ottawa, an opportunity to improve their resume (and market competitiveness) by taking on new tasks or responsibilities or an opportunity to raise their profile in both the Ottawa and Product Management community.

I often get ask why I joined and chose to play such an active role in OPMA. Apart from the charismatic charm of Mark Lindsay (our first president) there are two main reasons 1) to provide some purpose and direction to my local network activities -having spent my career in the semiconductor industry my network is largely overseas and 2) to go beyond the “water cooler” discussions about the things impacting our Product Management (and commercial) environment in Ottawa and to try and do something positive about it.

So if I am having so much fun (which I am) then why step down? Being the president is quite a commitment, and at this point in my professional career I just don’t have enough cycles to give it the attention the association deserves. With over 830 members and after 30 successful events we have something solid and tangible -we simply need someone with the time, energy and passion to carry the torch forward.

Open Roles

The roles do not necessarily demand a lot of time, you can manage your own level of commitment. All that we ask is that if you sign up, that you honour your commitments or inform us if you cannot, so that we can manage the situation.

This is a changing list, so If you don’t find an opening that suits you, we would be happy to discuss how we can best utilize your talents to further the aims of our association.

  • President: Provides stewardship and leadership for the association. Click here for more information >>
  • VP of Volunteers: Volunteer follow up, point of contact for volunteers and volunteer co-ordination for events
  • Director of Sponsorship: Administration and coordination of the association’s sponsorship activities
  • Presidential election organizer: A temporary position to organize and coordinate the OPMA presidential election
  • Marketing Associates: Multiple positions to help promote events and the association using social media
  • Education Associates: Industry / business experts / Product life cycle experts: to provide technical content for LinkedIn discussions, blogs and websites
  • Product Camp Volunteers: 1 event per year (Oct and November), various positions from marketing to logistics
  • Registration Desk: To greet and register attendees at our monthly networking events


  • To Apply

    Just make your interest known (using the contact us form) or by contacting a member of the OPMA leadership team.

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