Season 1: Dec. 2012 to Jun. 2013

Session Leader(s)
Chris Ault What’s going on at BlackBerry June 10, 2013
Mike Gassewitz A former CEO’s perspective on Product Management May 13, 2013
Solon Angel The Evolution of Customer Advisory Boards May 13, 2013
Fred Boulanger Experience is the New Innovation: May 13, 2013
Paul Fera Acquiring User Insight April 8, 2013
Rob Woodbridge Crafting the Mobile Experience March 4, 2013
Randy Whitcroft Building Sales Momentum Through

Client Focused Development

March 4, 2013
Trevor Wilkins OK – you know the 5 reasons anyone will ever buy from you – so what do you do now? March 4, 2013
Solon Angel Trello & Kanban Boards February 4, 2013
Kirk Munroe Defining and Understanding Key Markets: Meeting the Need; Surrounding the Wants February 4, 2013
Phil Linttell Do Start-Ups Need Product Management? February 4, 2013
Richard Jokiel Canada Post’s Five-point Action Plan February 4, 2013
John Phillips, Product Management in a small yet established tech company January 7, 2013
Ravi Ramsaran, From concept to completion January 7, 2013
Andrew Stevens/Paul Ralf  How the Big Boys do Product Management December 10, 2012
Peter Hanschke 1,000 foot view of Product Management in Ottawa December 10, 2012

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