Season 2: Sep.2013 to Jun.2014


Session Leader(s)
EA Clarke Recruitment Opportunities in the New Ottawa Community June 19, 2014
Oleg Mysyk OPMA Brainstorming Ideas June 19, 2014
Xerxes Wania What do (Start-Up) Technology Executives and Thoroughbreds Have in Common? June 19, 2014
Trevor Wilkins The Human Interface May 29, 2014
Andrew Bell Developing the Solution April 17, 2015
Jason Flick Startup Insights: Art or Science April 17, 2014
Heather Macintosh How to use Social Media for Market Research March 24, 2014
Denis Lévesque Why Product Management is like Climbing Mount Everest January 20, 2014
Len Stone Better Features in Less Time January 20, 2014
Peter Wilenius Aligning Strategy to Global Megatrends December 16, 2013
Heather MacIntosh Gaining Insight into New Markets: How to use Social Media for Market Research November 18, 2013
Michael K Shaughnessy The Secrets Of Influencing November 18, 2013
Steve Johnson Beyond the Tactical Role October 21, 2013
Shawn Vincent An R&D Executive’s Perspective on Product Management September 23, 2013
Peter Hanschke Product Requirements Definition September 23, 2013


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