Speaker Guidlines

Thank you for becoming one of the elite -as an OPMA speaker, you are joining an illustrious group of local entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

We have put together some brief guidelines in order to make the event as successful as is possible for our membership, yourself and your organisation.

The Association was founded to promote Product Management excellence in our local Ottawa community and to promote Ottawa’s Product Management capability globally. The Association provides members with opportunities for Mentorship, Networking, Education and Leadership. For maximum value to our membership your presentation should be reflective of these broad objectives.

We would be greatly appreciative if you could bring out, during your presentation, key lessons and teaching points germane to Product Management. Our executive would be only to pleased to assist, should you require direction in this regard.You may use your own template (your personal brand or coporate brand) -we will add the OPMA logo and date of the event to your cover slide, or you can use the OPMA template. (below). Keynote presentations are given in the main auditorium (cinema style) at Bitheads.

The cinema holds up to 100 seated. Generally we have between 45 and 75 in attendance. The keynote can be up to 1hr in length after which there may be an open Q&A or panel style Q&A.

Break-out presentations are given in the board room to a smaller audience (5 to 20). These sessions are generally more interactive and are in parallel to the second of our two networking sessions. Again the break-out can be up to one-hour in length. The style is usually a guided discussion rather than formal presentation, but this is very much left to the discretion of the speaker.

The event is promoted widely, locally, to a catchment of around 10,000 –we have 700 LinkedIn members of whom we condiser over 400 to be active.

Deadlines(in an ideal world!)

2-months prior: Formal acceptance and working title of the presentation

4 weeks prior: Complete the speaker questionnaire (this document) and provide a profile photograph

2-weeks prior: Presentation draft for moderation (any format)

Sunday midday (of week before): Final presentation

Night of, arrival bring a copy of your presentation on a flash drive

2-days post event, please provide a PPT copy of your presentations (a PDF will be uploaded onto the website)

These deadlines are important, we are not only promoting OPMA but also you and your company –so our collective credibility’s are at stake.

We understand that you’re very busy and your circumstances may change –all we ask is that you let us know if you are struggling or if it looks like you will miss a deadline. If you do this we promise not to bug you! ….we are flexible and you can make minor edits etc. right up to the night (bring an updated version on a flash drive). Finally let the organisers know, in advance, of any special audio visual requirements, of facilitation you may require.  You may use the OPMA template provided below, but this is not mandatory -feel free to express yourself.


We normally post a copy of your presentation (for download) on our website (a few days after the event).

We may also take photographs and an audio or video recording.

If you have an issue of either please let us know.

There may also be blogs and tweets written by members expressing their personal opinions of your presentation.

We will conduct a post meeting survey and this information will be made available should you request it (otherwise it is kept purely for self-improvement purposes and never shared).

Downloads and Speaker Application

To download a copy of the OPMA PPT template 2015 OPMA Meeting Template

To complete the Speaker application form 

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