2016 Sessions

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The following is a list of sessions presented at ProductCamp Ottawa 2015.

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Session Leader
Title and Link to File (if available)
Karen Williams The Evolution of Product Management in a Scaling Business
Dany Longval Leveraging Product Management to Unlock the Growth Potential of your Business – The Lumenera Case Study
Tim Ragan Turbo-charging Your Organization’s Performance
Hala Hawa Exploring Canadian consumer attitudes towards customizing / co-designing clothing online
James Mihaychuk How to survive and thrive in the IoT? (Hint: be pragmatic)
Mohamed Shaheen Product Management in the age of artificial-intelligence-based analytics
Peter Karwacki Peer Group Benchmarking: can’t we all just get along?
Nikta Kanuka Outsourcing growth: Building a community around your product
Hala Hawa Design Sprint Workshop
Phil Linttell Building SaaS Clouds for Data Privacy
Delbert Adams Business Modeling for Product Managers
Gino Brancatelli Overcoming the operational challenges of getting a SaaS offer to market within a traditional software and hardware company
Colin Moden Tools for Portfolio Management, from ideas to Products
Nilufer Erdebil Demystifying Innovation

Come and share your expertise, learn from others or just to network. Don’t miss out register NOW! This year’s theme is “Scaling Up Your Business”… helping commercialize, market and scale globally.Ottawa-Gatineau’s premier event for individuals and organisations involved in the Commercialisation of products and services takes place on Saturday, November 19th, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

  • Date: Saturday, November 19, 2016 from 8:30a-4:00p
  • Location: GENBAND, 500 Palladium Dire, Suite 2100, Kanata, ON K2V 1C2, Canada

Keynote Speakers

Karen Williams, Chief Product Officer at Halogen Software

Karen oversees all facets of how Halogen’s products are built and supported – from product conception, management and development, to product support. Karen has over two decades experience in high tech, holding several key management positions in Product Marketing, Customer Support, Development and Operations. Prior to joining Halogen, Karen was Vice President of the global Business Analytics Business Intelligence & Predictive Analytics Development team at IBM Software Group, and held several other key executive positions throughout her career at both IBM and Cognos. In addition to her formal work related experience, Karen has been an active volunteer since 2010 at the United Way Ottawa and is currently the Chair of the Board.

The Evolution of Product Management in a Scaling Business

As a business grows, the key roles within the organization evolve and need to grow as well. Product Management is one of those key roles that during the start up phase is a jack of all trades and then over time evolves to a more refined ‘whole product’ ownership. It’s a challenge to continue to drive new innovation to keep the company growing as well as do all the things that are required to sustain existing product, customers and business. In this keynote, we will discuss how the product management evolves, what role product marketing plays and how to stay focused on growth.

Dany Longval, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Lumenera Corporation

“Leveraging Product Management to Unlock the Growth Potential of your Business – The Lumenera Case Study”

Growing revenue and profits is a core objective of most companies. However, business growth is not a linear process and often even the best managed companies will hit a plateau. Product management can be a powerful tool is reshaping your business and leading it on the way back to sustained growth. In this case study we will discuss how product management contributed to lead Lumenera on the path to revenue growth, exploring some of the challenges and solutions that were encountered on the way to success.

Dany Longval is currently Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Lumenera Corporation and a member of the executive team. He was Director of Product Management when he first joined Lumenera in 2011. Dany oversees a team of sales and customer support professionals with representation around the world including local presence in the USA, the UK, Germany and China. In his career, Dany has worked with a number of technology start-ups in the Ottawa area, being himself a co-founder of a successful digital imaging company that he sold to Impath Networks, a pillar of the local high tech industry at the time. With these companies, Dany has held various roles in engineering, product management and sales. An electrical engineer by formation, he also holds a Master of Science degree in project management.

Speaker Session Proposals

Interested in presenting at ProductCamp? Come out and share your product management insights or your hard earned “Commercialization” expertise with your fellow Product Managers, Project Managers, Industrial Designers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Business leaders.

ProductCamp Ottawa is an “un-conference”. Rather than having pre-scheduled speakers (other than key-notes), anyone who is interested in leading a session can submit a proposal. In keeping with ProductCamp tradition, participants will vote on the day for the sessions they want to attend, with the most popular session being run. Participants can view what your session is about prior to the event so that they can be prepared to vote when they arrive.

So submit your outline and start lobbying for supporters now!

Session formats at ProductCamp Ottawa are meant to be flexible. You can do a formal presentation, facilitate a workshop or just lead a discussion – it is your choice. We encourage you to try and relate your session to this year’s theme of “Scaling Up Your Business” , but it’s not mandatory.

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